Our Service to Clients
How do we work?


So how do we do things differently?

One of the most important differences between us and your generic Rec2Rec is how our candidates are sourced. We will NOT post your job on job boards unless you specifically feel that this will add value to our service. We don’t believe in hit and hope. All our candidates are headhunted to your business needs. Are you looking for an experienced Senior Finance Consultant? Then we will find one either from our pool of local candidates that we keep in regular contact with or we will headhunt top performers from your competitors. We will sell you as a business to our candidates who are suitable so you know that the reason they will come for an interview is because they want to work for you, not just because they want a job.

We don’t have the same candidate pool as 95% of other Rec2Recs – In reference to point A, because of the way we source our candidates, we are accessing people before they are on the market, and the people that you actually want to employ.

We meet all of our candidates – On the rare occasion where it’s impossible and we have to work in an area far from where we are based, the absolute minimum standard is that we will conduct a lengthy video call under interview circumstances as well as our standard pre-screening procedures.

We reference and pre-screen our candidates at length – No more surprises, all our candidates are referenced and spoken to at length, there’s no “does this job sound ok? Can I send your CV”.

We strive to meet all of our clients – We understand that it’s not always possible for clients to meet us at short notice but at the very least we need to speak in length about what the personality fit for you team is.

We work for you – Working with us is similar to having an in-house recruiter, we will make sure we understand your business. Do you prefer email to phone calls because you’re too busy? Do you need to speak to us outside business hours? Is your hire confidential? These are all things we can cater to as a family run business.

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